Karir BOL 2022 – BOL TV Network Jobs in Pakistan

BOL Career 2022 – BOL TV Network Jobs in Pakistan

Looking for a job in telecommunications? Don’t worry because BOL Careers is here with their BOL News Jobs. Everyone who wants to take advantage of their media and communications degree, this could be a rewarding opportunity for all of you. 

BOL companies are the only place where aspiring visionaries can fully cash in on their efforts. The company provides a platform for them, who can take on any responsibility and complete it on time.

Moreover, with every step you take, the telecommunications industry will get the opportunity to progress substantially. If you are thinking of pursuing journalism or working for a broadcasting service. This is the best place for you. 

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28 July 2022

Information About BOL Network

Founded in 2013, BOL is a complete media company made up of platforms that are important and relevant to our audience. Includes Television (News, Entertainment and Sports), Digital Media (Web, Social Media & Media Applications), and Print Media (Newspapers and Magazines). It also provides Cinema & Film, Theater and Radio transmissions.

BOL Jaringan Network Organization


  • Project coordinator

  • Human Resources Coordination

  • Journalist with experience in digital media

  • Engineer in communication

  • As a market researcher

  • Managing Trainees

  • Trainee in management

  • Manage

  • Creative Service Manager

  • Editing Videos

  • Officer

  • Executive SEO

  • Social Media Director

  • Manage content

List of Available Job Positions

  • Web News Editor

  • Human resource Management

  • Quality Assurance Supervisor

  • Server Engineer

Salaries and allowances

  • Valuable experience

  • Fun and productive management

  • Professional learning environment

  • Problem solving skills

  • Permanent work

  • Free seminars and workshops

  • Lunch break

  • Free medical fees

How To Apply For A Job On The BOL TV Network?

The BOL TV network has released its commercial for BOL Careers. Candidates wishing to apply for induction must be eligible for the position for which they are applying. Otherwise, their candidacy will have no stand. The first step of their induction procedure is to visit their official website, www.bolnetwork.com. From there, candidates need to see the availability of the application form. The form will explain all the instructions you need to know firsthand. Next, you must attach all the required documents including the education certificate. One thing to be aware of is that BOL does not accept applications including falsified documents. The selection committee rejected all such applications without proceeding with them. Assessment will be carried out on candidates who pass the selection.


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